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Jesse James was identified as taking part in the Centralia Massacre that left 22 unarmed Union soldiers dead or injured.As punishment, all family members of Jesse and Frank James had to leave Clay County. After the Civil War ended, Jesse and Frank made their living robbing stagecoaches, banks and trains.Howard’s wife rushed into the room, and the brothers tried to explain that the six-shooter had accidentally gone off.

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When Jesse was three years old, his father died in California, preaching to those looking for gold. During the Civil War, Jesse and his family were dedicated Confederates.

Cummins became suspicious that something bad had happened and tried to locate Miller.

A trip to Nashville, Tenn., where Jesse was living, in the winter of 1880-81, brought similar suspicions on Cummins, when he started asking too many questions.

While his older brother Frank made the transition to peaceful citizen, Jesse suffered from malaria and found it difficult to adjust to honest work.

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He returned to Missouri to put together a new gang and in the process crossed paths with the Fords. and John Ford, the father and brother of Bob and Charlie, had served in Virginia under Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the legendary “Gray Ghost” of the Confederacy, and were fellow guerrillas.Jesse James summary: Jesse Woodson James was born into a hard working family.

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