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17-Apr-2020 11:51

I think it’s really cool to say that we did this movie that’s directed, written, starring and about women, and people should go see it. MEESTER: I think I’m really hilarious, but that doesn’t always translate. A lot of different types of movies that I see can be funny for different reasons.

I think it’s just your brand of humor and finding out where you fit in and what you think is funny. The funniest joke in the world might not be that funny to you. Do you feel like you found your brand of humor pretty quickly, or are you still finding it? I like broad, funny, weird comedies, but then I like a movie like this, that is grounded and based mostly in reality. For me, taking a joke a little too far or being a little dark is kind of good, as are funny moments leading to sad moments, or vice versa. MEESTER: I loved the script and thought it was great, and I was compelled to play the character. Was Sasha always the role that you were interested in, or did you ever consider Paige?

Maybe that comes with the territory of older characters and this age that I’m moving into, but I like that.

You see a lot of male characters, as leads of shows and movies, who are these flawed heroes, but you still love them and you love to hate them.

Since you’ve been working on it for awhile, did you have a goal in mind when you started it, and did it end up anything like you thought it would?

Being on set and being around not just female energy, but positive energy, in general.

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