Winpe validating ip address 14c carbon dating

18-Feb-2020 05:59

Ingmar is User Group leader of the Dutch Citrix User Group (Du CUG).

RES Software named Ingmar RES Software Valued Professional in 2014.

(Test-Path -path "$Win PE_Build Folder Sources")) Copy-Item "$Win PE_ADK_Path$Win PE_Architectureen-uswinpe.wim" "$Win PE_Build Folder Sourcesboot.wim" # Copy Win PE boot files Copy-Item "$Win PE_ADK_Path$Win PE_Architecture Media*" "$Win PE_Build Folder" -Recurse # Mount the Win PE image $Wim File = "$Win PE_Build Folder Sourcesboot.wim" Mount-Windows Image -Image Path $Wim File -Path $Win PE_Mount Folder -Index 1 # ------------- Add drivers ----------------- # Inject drivers using native Power Shell cmdlets, requires Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 host Add-Windows Driver -Path $Win PE_Mount Folder -Driver ".

Windows Built In Role] "Administrator")) # Settings $Win PE_Build Folder = "C: Setup Win PE10_x64" $Win PE_Architecture = "amd64" # Or x86 $Win PE_Mount Folder = "C: Mount" $Win PE_ISOfile = "C: ISOWin PE_x64_ADSI.iso" $ADK_Path = "C: Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Assessment and Deployment Kit" $Win PE_ADK_Path = $ADK_Path "Windows Preinstallation Environment" $Win PE_OCs_Path = $Win PE_ADK_Path "$Win PE_Architecture Win PE_OCs" $DISM_Path = $ADK_Path "Deployment Tools" "$Win PE_Architecture DISM" $OSCDIMG_Path = $ADK_Path "Deployment Tools" "$Win PE_Architecture Oscdimg" # Delete existing Win PE build folder (if exist) try catch # Check for existing folder if (Test-Path -path "$Win PE_Build Folder") # Make a copy of the Win PE boot image if (!

I investigated the problem and found the cause of the problem.

The problem is caused by a missing / wrong driver for the network interface card.

The boot image for Windows PE can be altered from the Altiris Deployment Solutions console via ‘Tools – At the time Ingmar wrote this article he worked for Pepper Byte as a Senior Consultant (up to May 2014).

Now we know the NIC (and chipset) we can find a driver for Win PE 2.1.

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