Wpf binding not updating ui

20-Nov-2019 23:38

The answer I came up with was to wrap the business object in a wrapper class which exposes it as a property.

That wrapper class also implements INotify Property Changed and raises its Property Changed event when the wrapped business object’s Property Changed is raised.

The change is not being reflected in the UI because when you Notify Property Change() the entire collection, instead of the indiviual property of the individual item, WPF detects it is actually the same instance (the same object reference to the same collection) as before, so nothing seems to have changed.

This morning I woke up to find a rather curious question posted to the WPF Forum.

Binding the Command Parameter property to the entity makes it easy to access it when the command is executed.

wpf binding not updating ui-28

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To do this, I have created a separate property on the View Model called Customer Summary Details which contains simply a get, that returns the collection contained within the customer I mentioned above.

I think the basic idea is that an entity in his system which is not “started” will be displayed as a “Start” button, and an entity which has already “started” will be displayed as a “Stop” button.

Each button’s Command is set to a custom command to “start” or “stop” the entity, and the button’s Command Parameter is bound to the entity itself.

The File implements INotify Property Changed, and fires this event if the on/off state changes.

I use this XAML code, where the converter is in my code behind class: Also for the selected File, if the information in the file changes while it is selected (which other classes can cause to happen), I want the status bar to update automatically to reflect this change, but it doesn't; I have to click something else and then re-select the File of interest.

Suppose that an entity which has “started” is suddenly “stopped” by some part of the application.