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29-Oct-2020 00:17

An old flatmate of mine joined a Christian dating website to see if any men would contact her.

She told me she had no intention of meeting anyone – it was purely a means of testing out her own attractiveness (her self-esteem wasn’t great).

I’m probably being harder on her because I suspect her of leaking this story, given how pro-Demi The Post has been in the past.

I don’t know what’s worse – dating this young guy or making sure everyone knows about it.

Have you been let down by someone who wasn’t really available? Would Like To Meet by Hopeful Girl is packed with funny and moving stories from the Christian dating scene.

’ When we first join the singles scene, most of us want to spend some time checking out what kind of potential partners are available – and where we fit amongst the ‘competition’ (! However, I’ve also known people to play the singles scene with no intention of starting a relationship.

He’s also reportedly dated nine-years-older Liv Tyler.