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08-Jun-2020 12:49

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The title of this post refers to meeting new people and being open to doing so, which is not an easy thing to do at our age.Old friends know and love us, warts and all; not necessarily the case when you’re dating someone new.These real estate/lifestyle decisions can have a huge impact on your circle of friends.Until your last child graduates from high school, your friends, for the most part, have probably been around since you met as nervous new parents in kindergarten.The buzz is now gone, but the place still packs them in, and you know you will have a great meal regardless of what you order.

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We ended the week at brunch with some new friends (see above) at an old favorite, Minetta Tavern, which happens to be on the same block as Dante and has the same sort of history.We were able to get a table outside, and we toasted the day with an Aperol Spritz. On the walk home, we stopped at the new outpost of il laboratorio del gelato a favorite of mine on the lower east side that recently opened on University, close to Union Square Park.