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Mason would tribute summon a monster and it was only a matter of time before he would dwindle my lifepoints to zero.Not the most ideal start, but in this best of three series I still had a chance to make a comeback. Drawing only traps, spells and high-level monsters, I could only set facedowns in my spell/trap card zone to hopefully bluff Mason into passing. After he levels, visit his room and select "other". I was influenced by my g/f and all of the other Sasuke/Sakura fangirls out there.Finally got Naruto's ending, which I remember I couldn't ever get but somehow I could get Sasuke and Lee... The Dawn of a New Era (YGOPro TDOANE) is an automatic, free to play Yu-Gi-Oh!online game, which gives players access to all released cards while continually adding new cards as soon as they are announced. videos on the media page daily, featured videos may fall into a few different categories: Yu-Gi-Oh! Since its release the game has undergone tremendous changes, while we could spend time thinking about how far we have come and what difficulties we have faced, YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era 3.3.0 has been released.

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It was frustrating, to say the least, that it wasn't a more competitive duel but I was glad to be a part of the YCS 200 even for just a few minutes.

This time, without going on another site for cheats! once i did i saw the ending i waned on day 45 none the less.